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Search Engine Optimisation and conversion: it’s not about the number of visitors it’s what they do

Search Engine Optimisation, we all know it needs to be done, and everyone claims they can do it. So how can you tell if your SEO expert really knows their onions? Do they talk only about off site optimisation and link building? Is their work outsourced? Can they show you results with phrases you would choose?

We don’t make empty promises, we deliver. It won’t be overnight, but it will be realistic and it will add value to your business. And we take time to understand your business and your goals.

Our SEO and PPC services

It’s essential to maximise traffic to increase your customers if your business is web-based. And if your competitors aren’t doing this then you stand to gain an important advantage in reaching potential customers. So where do you start?

If you want to find out how well your website is optimised for the major search engines and get some important points for increasing web business, then we can help you with our one-off SEO audit.

Our SEO audit

What we do in this audit is:

  • review how well your website’s optimised for search engines
  • look at web content coverage
  • highlight any technical issues that may impact on users finding your website and
  • give you recommendations, talking through these with you.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) audit:

We set up and manage several PPC accounts, helping lots of clients increase business. And we build successful PPC campaigns based on these activities:

  • PPC account budget and campaign structure
  • the key success PPC elements
    • keywords
    • landing pages and
    • ad copy

The SEO and PPC audits are just £95 each excl. VAT.

Our regular SEO services

We use a range of SEO techniques to help you raise your search rankings and more importantly, build web business. We can work with you on a regular or one-off basis. Our search services include:
  • keyword research
  • web structure (IA) and content advice
  • quality link building
  • local search results
  • SEO copywriting and
  • managing website change such as site migrations for search listing continuity.

Google Analytics

We’ve expertise in Google Analytics and other web analytics packages. Interpreting web analytics data helps you make important decisions about your website. You can find out how users behave on site including showing you:

  • how successful your web content and structure is
  • how well your business calls to action register with users and
  • identify any problem areas users experience on site.

We need to fully understand your business goals and your key performance indicators as part of analytics work. Ultimately these factors help us measure your return on investment (ROI) rates.

We can offer Google Analytics training too – to help you push your business forward.

Web analytics for increased conversions

We offer a specialist service called conversion optimisation. This sees us study individual website pages to recommend changes to your web page text, graphics, instructions and more.

It’s a big step beyond website SEO but it’s vitally important.

Assessing and fixing web page problems can drive significant increases in your business conversion rates.

Call us today to talk about your SEO and PPC campaigns. Or kick start your web marketing plans with our SEO and PPC audits.

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