Web Application Development

When you need constantly available on demand data access, regardless of time or location then a web application is usually the platform of choice.

Web applications can transform any business, converting laborious, error prone tasks into a simple process. When staff need constant access to data a web application is usually the answer.

For multi-user, 24/7 available business applications the web is often the development platform of choice. We architect and build applications which scale, innovate the organisation which uses them and provide real ROI. Whether you need an application to manage your business or advice on the use of web technology Dev can help.

With the advances in technology the user experience of web applications is swiftly matching that of traditional desktop applications in terms of speed, usability and responsiveness. We engineer all applications to be fully standards compliant and to ensure that they are as intuitive, powerful and as innovative as possible.

Typical web applications we have completed in the past include (but not limited to) stock managment systems, auditing and tracking applications and financial auditing platforms. Often a web application is connected to a mobile solution to operate a full workflow platform for a workforce. Whatever the business most organisations can benefit from centralised data available anywhere in the world provided in a secure, concise way. Web applications can really help to join up departments, employees and data in a way that promotes business innovation and best working practices.

Typical Business Users:

  • Organisations With Distributed Data
  • Organisations With Complex Processes
  • Engineering Companies
  • E-Commerce Trading
  • Financial Firms
  • Local Government

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