Mobile Application Development

Sophisticated technology with a substance of delicacy has been moving faster than light in the current scenario.

When you need constantly available on demand data access, regardless of time or location then a mobile application is usually the platform of choice.

For staff who are ‘in the field’ collecting information and returning to the office to complete their work then mobile computing is the natural fit. We specialise in development for Google Android, Apple IPhone, Apple IPad and Windows Mobile. Businesses which will benefit most from mobile computing are those who are heavily data dependent and who spend much time gathering information and converting it to other formats for management reports or clients.

The most significant factor in mobile computing is how it revolutionises the organisation that uses it. Transforming laborious, error prone data capture into a swift easily manageble process for all employees involved. Irrespective of platform the benefits of mobilising your data and staff are massive. Most software developments of this type have amazing return on investment with most projects paying for themselves within 1 to 2 years. We have developed mobile software for sectors as varied.

Core Technologies:

  • .NET Compact Framework
  • Android SDK
  • IPhone & IPad SDK / Phone Gap
  • SQL Lite
  • Web / Mobile Application Integration

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